International Micro Village, Inc is now an authorized distributor of Double-Take®products in Philippines

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A foreword and an apology in advance; this blog is mostly about technology and back up system. So for those who are not that familiar or savvy enough please bear with me.
Considering that every minute is precious in any company. More especially now in the computer age; Data are the source of success and considered before any decision making strategies are executed and ways of monitoring performance. So what would any company do when faced with system down time? No data’s can be retrieved, nor processed to the main servers. Orders or information are on hold. Companies lose money on such stand still.

This is where the double take suite comes in. It’s a program for cloud replication, migration capabilities, and disaster recovery for most OS environments. This programs provides a near zero down time migrations without interrupting operations, protection and recovery of entire server or data for a combination of virtual, cloud, and physical servers.
Sounds impressive especially for businesses that uses internet and have multiple chains or spans globally even on another country.
Ok this software is not for consumers like us, who wish to apply this at home. The target market is for Small Businesses, Mid and Enterprise level . This software is more ideal for Shared Services industry and technically which requires huge amount of data that travels from one place to the next via internet. Best part about this is it updates per byte and does not consume a lot of bandwidth on the net that might slow any operations.

Since the country right now is one of the leading place for BPO industry. This would not cost as much as any server setup that requires a lot of physical servers or space. This is the next step for any evolution and innovation in technology.

Now International Micro Village is the distributor of this authorized dealer of this great program. Which is already already 17 years in the business; offering the latest data and communication and information access equipment to the growing Philippine Information Technology market with a focus, through its association with Channel Partners, on Corporate Institutions, Small and Medium Business Segments and Government Units.

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